Hena Habegger- The Drumbook Of Bang!

Hena Habegger- The Drumbook Of Bang!

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Bang! along“ with Gotthard to the Swiss album of the year 2014.


This unique drumbook gives a deep insight into the energetic and creative drumming of Hena Habegger. It's a must-have for every drummer and drum-fanatic.


It contains the complete notations and detailed workshops for every song and it's packed with lots of pictures and amazing graphics.


Another highlight are the included playback-files which you can find in the book on a special creditcard shaped USB-stick. On the stick are the original recordings of „Bang!“ but without the drum tracks.

It's like sitting on Hena's drum stool and playing together with Leo Leoni, Nic Maeder, Freddy Scherer and Marc Lynn!


This makes it a uniqe and one of a kind item.

It's a master piece!


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